Rainbow Haven - Our History

Rainbow Haven began its work in 2003 after changes to asylum law and the asylum system in 2000 led to many asylum seekers being dispersed from the south east and housed in East Manchester. The initial pilot project developed into a twice weekly drop-in service which quickly became a respected and well used community resource.

The success of Rainbow Haven’s work in East Manchester led to an approach from Salford City Council and Salford Primary Care Trust, who had identified the need for a similar service in Salford to meet the needs of increasing  numbers of asylum seekers now being housed there. A weekly drop-in was established and continues to run in the Langworthy area of Salford.

Rainbow Haven has adapted to meet the changing needs of new arrivals, and continues to welcome asylum seekers, refugees and migrant workers new to Manchester and Salford.

Demand for our service continues, and we hope to continue to provide a community drop-in with all the support, activities and learning opportunities that make Rainbow Haven a unique community resource for as long as the need for our work is there.