English Classes

We have English classes during term time at both drop-in centres.


On Tuesdays and Thursdays there are two ESOL classes, 10 am - 12 pm, and 1 - 3 pm.

The WEA currently provides one course for which people need to register, and we also have classes delivered by trained volunteers which are open to everyone.

The classes cater for a range of levels and support people to move into college courses when they are ready.

The WEA courses are for people who register at the beginning of the course. After this it may not be possible to join these classes, but please phone or call in to check. All our ESOL classes in Gorton have creche provision to support parents of young children to access the courses.

We have additional English teaching within the drop-ins on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for people who want to practice their conversational skills or who are beginners wanting to learn some basics before joining a bigger class.


In Salford we currently have one ESOL course 1.15 -2.45 pm.

We are planning two more classes for the mornings, to be supported by a creche. Please phone to find out more or check this page again soon.

We are grateful to eAssetmanagement for funding our creche in Salford.

Places are limited and the classes are currently full (May2016), so please phone or drop-in to check if places are available.

Computer and jobsearch tuition

In Gorton our computer suite is open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and people can access facilitated IT sessions to learn basic IT skills, set up email accounts, create CVs and do jobsearches. Individual support is provided at whatever level is needed.