Rainbow Haven - Information & Support

The provision of information and support is a core service at Rainbow Haven.

Our team of staff, volunteers, social work students and workers from partner agencies see individuals to provide information and support on a wide range of issues, and to advocate on their behalf where necessary. We address whatever issues people bring, and where we are unable to help ourselves, we make referrals or signpost people to the appropriate agency.

We support people over time to become more confident in seeking information, filling forms and using online resources for themselves.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays:

First come first served for support: we give out 10 numbers for advice slots, and then see additional people who have emergencies that need dealing with. Newcomers will be given time to find out about Rainbow Haven and discuss their needs.


Pre-booked appointments and emergency support, with reserved time for parents who cannot get here early.

NB it is important to arrive early for support with an emergency, and it is helpful to phone to check if we will be able to deal with an emergency if you are referring someone to us.

We may have to limit numbers depending on staff and volunteer numbers on the day.

We are supported in our information and advice work provision in Gorton by partner agencies:

Cheetham Hill Advice Centre: a trained advice volunteer once a fortnight

Revive: an immigration advice worker once a fortnight

Refugee Action: social work student and volunteers

Destitution Support

We provide support to destitute asylum seekers and refugees who are without any source of income and lack food and housing. A large part of this work is done in Gorton in partnership with British Red Cross, providing regular parcels of food and toiletries, with bus fares to enable people to travel and collect them.

Everyone who is registered for this support also has access to a caseworker who can help with their situation.

We also provide a limited number of food parcels in emergencies in Gorton and Salford for people not under the Red Cross scheme.